Infant and Child Development Lab

SRCD Symposium on Dog Bite Prevention

SeattleResearchers from the Infant and Child development lab have held a successful symposium at the Society for research in Child Development’s international conference. The symposium was titled: “Dog bite prevention: Risky misunderstandings and how to play it safe” and was chaired by Dr. Kerstin Meints.
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The following talks were presented:

Talk 1: Why do children get bitten in the face? Corinne Syrnyk, Kerstin Meints & Tiny De Keuster;

Talk 2: Is the dog smiling? Children from 4-7 years misinterpret dogs’ facial expressions. Anais Racca, Naomi Hickey & Kerstin Meints

Talk 3: Do children understand dogs’ body language? Victoria Brelsford & Kerstin Meints

Talk 4: A longitudinal assessment of the Blue Dog bite prevention programme. Kerstin Meints, Nelly Lakestani & Tiny De Keuster.

The talks were well attended and we met a very interested and enthusiastic audience, including our funders from NIH and Waltham / Mars petcare!


To attend the conference we were able to obtained funding from the following sources: Waltham / Mars petcare and NIH in the UK and US, St. Mary’s University College, Calgary, Canada; Aide aux Vieux Animaux (AVA), France; and the University of Lincoln – a big Thank You to all our funders!

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