Evolution and Development Research Group

Staff in the Evolution and Development Research Group study the evolution and development of motor, behavioural and cognitive processes, including language, social cognition and conflict management, vision, attention and memory as well as human-animal-interaction. Further research foci are child safety, development of trust, social tactics, perspective taking, individual differences, atypical development, spatial language, handedness and decision making.

Members of this research group work with children, adults, non-human primates and other animals (e.g. dogs).

We use and teach a range of interdisciplinary approaches and our methods include Intermodal Preferential Looking, Preferential Listening, Habituation, Infant and Child Eye-tracking, Infant & Adult EEG, Motion Analysis as well as Safety Education Training, Acting-Out and Elicitation methods, Interviews, Assessments and Observation techniques as well as Response Time Measures.

Staff members collaborate internally and externally on a range of projects, supervise Masters and PhD students jointly and have set up a large range of state-of-the-art testing facilities to carry out our research and educate and train students at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD level.

We organise conferences / workshops (e.g. Northern League Developmental Meeting, September 2009; NordForsk Meeting, May 2010, Summer Scientist week 2011, The Primate Society of Great Britain Easter Conference, April 2013 and have excellent national and international links and collaborations.

The Evolution and Development Research Group is based in the University of Lincoln School of Psychology.